Mediterranean Shipping Co. Shakes Up Senior Management

Veteran Mediterranean Shipping Co.Chairman Gianluigi Aponte will step down from the helm of the world’s second-largest container operator.

New Stanford Hospital Takes Holistic Approach to Technology

The new Stanford Hospital that opens Sunday borrows ideas about user experience from its neighbor down the road,

Apple Inc.1 billion facility, more than 10 years in the making, is incorporated into Stanford Health Care’s hospital campus in Palo Alto, Calif.

Swedish TV Contacts SEB Over Money Laundering

Swedish bank SEB said a TV show contacted it ahead of a new program about suspected money laundering in the Baltics.Uppdrag Granskning also last week interviewed Swedbank AB Chief Executive

Jens Henriksson

as a follow-up to previously aired programs about suspected money laundering.

U.S. IT Company Discloses Potential Sanctions Violations

The technology services company notified regulators of possible sanctions violations.has notified regulators of potential sanctions violations.

European Investment Bank Will End Fossil Fuel Financing

The European Investment Bank said it would forego fossil-fuel investments in favor of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.Photo:

eric vidal/Reuters

The European Investment Bank said late Thursday that it would end financing for fossil-fuel energy projects from the end of 2021 onward, marking the latest blow to oil-and-gas companies as the European Union readies for its version of the Green New Deal.

Yovanovitch Says Biden Push to Oust Ukraine Prosecutor Was U.S. Policy

Photo: Alex Wong/Bloomberg News

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Whoops. Judge Reduces J&J Opioid Fine After Mistaking Thousands for Millions

He was alerted to the mistake by lawyers for Johnson & Johnson, whose accountants did what students have always been urged to do.“That will be the last time I use that calculator,” Judge Balkman said in an October hearing about the dispute.

U.S. Said to Extend Reprieve for Huawei

15, 2019WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is set to once again extend a license that will allow American companies to continue doing business with Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant, people familiar with the deliberations said.That reprieve is set to expire on Monday, but the administration is expected to extend it for a period of time.

Help! Renting a Vehicle Through Europcar Drove Me Crazy!

Raphaelle MacaronWhen we first solicited reader stories of travel disasters, we immediately received four individual emails concerning Europcar, the rental car company that operates in 140 countries.”Dear Tripped Up,After arriving in Calgary for the annual Calgary Stampede, Europcar jilted us by failing to honor our rental car reservation.

What Ads Are Political? Twitter Struggles With a Definition

The Alzheimer’s Association was so concerned that it contacted Twitter this month to express misgivings about the political ads ban.”The Alzheimer’s Association is one of many nonprofits and organizations that have put pressure on Twitter over its prohibition of political ads, which is set to start next Friday.

Ford Contract Ratified by U.A.W. Members

Business|Ford Contract Ratified by U.The United Automobile Workers union announced Friday that the agreement had been backed by 56 percent of those voting.

Trump’s Embrace of Sanctions Irks Allies and Prompts Efforts to Evade Measures

Allies and adversaries are seeking ways to avoid President Trump’s sanctions, which critics say have become a substitute for foreign policy.Putin of Russia said in October is being employed by the Trump administration as a “political weapon.

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

These rounds are often shot at close range, hitting people where they can do maximum damage: the eyes.I follow Carlos Puebla into the eye trauma unit of a public hospital.

A Paranoid Guide to Fighting the ‘Bugging Epidemic’

Consumer spending on surveillance cameras in the United States will reach $4 billion in 2023, up from $2.Unit sales of consumer surveillance devices are expected to more than double from last year.

Supreme Court to Hear Google and Oracle Copyright Case

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide a copyright case between Google and Oracle.15, 2019WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide whether Google should have to pay Oracle billions of dollars in a long-running copyright infringement lawsuit over software used to run many of the world’s smartphones.

Raise Billions From Billionaires? Tax Experts Say It’s Not That Simple

The tax most similar to a wealth tax is the estate tax, which values your entire estate and taxes it.Few people pay the estate tax these days because the exemption level is more than $22 million for a couple.

After School Shooting, Bill Focuses on Banks and Guns

Students and parents embrace after a shooting Thursday at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Calif.)A bill to enlist banks in the fight against gun crimeA day after two students were killed at a school in Santa Clarita, Calif.

Apple to Ban Vaping Apps From Its Store

Business|Apple to Ban Vaping Apps From Its StoreA respiratory condition linked to vaping has caused more than 40 deaths and over 2,000 illnesses, according to United States health authorities.The company updated its App Store rules in June to ban new vaping apps, and the move announced on Friday removed the apps it had approved before that decision.

Two Female Writers Quit Patricia Heaton’s CBS Show After Making Complaints

David Hunt, the husband of the actress Patricia Heaton and an executive producer on her CBS sitcom, “Carol’s Second Act,” in 2012.Haskins and Ms.

FAFSA Says How Much You Can Pay for College. It’s Often Wrong.

That figure, known as the expected family contribution, was generated immediately after she completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.“But we are paying twice our expected family contribution, so it means absolutely 100 percent nothing.